WBAL – Clarence M. Mitchell – Andrew Gause – Bailout Plan


Andrew Gause is interviewed by Clarence M. Mitchell and is talking about the 700 billion dollar bailout.


http://www.andygause.com/images/stories/media/mp3/WBAL-AM andy gause10-1-08.mp3


Clarence M. Mitchell, IV, known to WBAL listeners as "C4," brings a lifetime of political http://www.wbal.com/_images/photo_c4.jpgexperiences and relationships to WBAL Radio. C4 is a part of a four-generation family legacy of politics and public service in Maryland. He was elected to the Maryland State Senate in 1998, representing the same legislative district that his father, Senator Clarence M. Mitchell, III, had represented for 20 years. Because of his family's political tradition, his politics are often difficult to define. Even as a Democrat, he supported Republicans like Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., but he has also legally challenged the gerrymandered redistricting map created by then-Democratic Governor Parris Glendening. Like his opinions or not, C4 will make you think and always invite you to be a part of the discussion.

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