Audit The FED

By now you may have heard about Congressman (R-Texas 14th district) Ron Paul’s bill H.R.1207 to audit the Federal Reserve System. Until now many in the mainstream have never considered the Fed as an institution exempt from audit. However, by law, the Fed is completely independent. The President, [...]


  As with the second quarter newsletter, this edition comes to us at the tail end of the 3rd quarter. As this goes to press, the Senate and House have passed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”. This act epitomizes the pinnacle of legalized theft. When the bill left the House on [...]

An Independent Press

    Many folks have commented on the nature of the independent press. Articles that appear here and in other cutting edge publications have been met with the refrain:. Why have I not read this in the New York Times, or the Daily News? John Swinton was the former Chief of Staff for the New [...]

How does money come into existence today?

  The government (or a quasi-government corporation) issues bonds, and announces that "x" percent will be paid to investors. Let's say that ten billion dollars' worth of bonds are issued. Investors buy three billion dollars and write checks from the existing supply of money. [...]

Biometric Babylon

The desire to track the movement of human subjects has entered full swing and a variety of methods are being deployed. For a great many years solemn preachers and teachers amongst us have warned of a time “when no man could buy or sell” without the “mark of the beast”. A [...]