Social Security


The insolvency of the social security system writ large during Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President. The insufficiency of the fund became widely known. America was introduced to the “Baby Boomers.” When they retired, it was said, they would swamp the system. After his election success [...]

Congressional Pensions

So what kind of deal does Congress get when it comes to retirement. I wish it was the same as the rest of us, then perhaps we could expect a certain amount of diligence when it comes to benefits. But I have heard people refer to unlimited lifetime pensions and a rapacious attitude when it comes to [...]

What is wrong with borrowing from Social Security?

  The so called Social Security trust fund is the root of the debate over the Social Security crisis. Currently, more money flows into the Social Security trust fund than is needed. This excess is “invested” in billions of dollars in Treasury securities, which are considered safe because [...]