Q & A with Andrew

Are “higher prices” the same as inflation?

Ever-higher prices are the result of a privileged group introducing into and bidding in the marketplace “Fed-created dollars”. Prices rise as a result of this action, but rising prices are not inflation. Inflation is merely the action of increasing the money supply. Rising prices are the result [...]

What is “Inflation?”

Inflation is defined as: “The printing and release of cash receipts which are not backed by acknowledged gold or silver precious metals”. This depreciates the value of the printed receipt in relationship to the precious-metal backing, and the amount of printed money in circulation. This is the [...]

When are U.S. Treasury Bonds Issued?

Bonds are issued often, and the pace of issue is determined both by the Secretary of the Treasury and by the Congress of the United States. The way that it's determined by Congress is through their setting of the maximum limit that the nation can borrow the socalled "Debt Ceiling". [...]

How does money come into existence today?

  The government (or a quasi-government corporation) issues bonds, and announces that "x" percent will be paid to investors. Let's say that ten billion dollars' worth of bonds are issued. Investors buy three billion dollars and write checks from the existing supply of money. [...]

How did the English “Tally System” work?

Tally Sticks were introduced to England by King Henry the First, the fourth son of William the Conqueror. Henry came to the throne in 1100. When King Henry ascended to the throne, he found that his Treasury was empty. Needing a supply of money, and not having any, he declared that square rods of [...]
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