Protecting Your Identity

Make them pay for their own hanging!

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has introduced an oppressive monetary regulatory bill, S. 2972. The stated goal of this bill is to track the funds kept in financial institutions worldwide without specific evidence of any particular wrongdoing. The impact would be to restrict financial freedom and [...]

When Squeaky Clean is Suspect

In the genre of bureaucratic governmentalese, one must understand a problem before it can be adequately and efficiently vanquished. To that end and with apologies to SNL’s Emily Litella, “What’s all this fuss about Money Laundering” What’s wrong with having clean [...]

Tracking People

According to Reuters, a Japanese company has come up with a new way to track people by using a satellite-based global positioning system and cellular technology. Developed by the Mitsui & Co. trading house, that also sells satellite images of U.S. homes, the device works like this: A [...]

And that no man might buy or sell … Rev. 13:17

This information can be used to link the person to a pool of data. Biometric information can be gathered without the knowledge of the user. The information that is held in the database depends on the service provider. If it is a financial services company, it would hold the person's financial [...]

Spooks find the internet

The FBI is using a computer with specialized software named Carnivore, which can scan millions of e-mails a second and gives the government the ability to eavesdrop on all digital communications, from e-mail to online banking. Federal investigators say they have used Carnivore in fewer than 100 [...]

Is your computer spying on you?

Is your computer spying on you? Believe it or not that new computer you have just bought is spying on you, Intel’s new Pentium III computer processor chips will ship with their serial number ID programmed in the "ON" position.The mainstream media has reported that because of [...]


In the last issue we covered 12 CFR 21, the little known regulation which made banks and their employees "deputies" in the federal government’s war on money laundering. Financial crime is causing the issue of privacy to become a lightning rod for every ill. It seems as though our [...]

Visa and Mastercard eye internet shoppers

Visa and Mastercard eye Internet shoppers Experts estimate that within five years, ten percent of all consumer purchases will be made via the Internet. Visa and MasterCard, not surprisingly, are working to make credit cards usable on the I-way. Visa is, among other things, developing with Microsoft [...]


IS YOUR BANKER SPYING ON YOU? Per 12 CFR 21, banks are now considered "deputies" of the federal government in the War On Money Laundering. They have an affirmative duty to use their resources to seek out and report what is termed "suspicious activity" on the part of each of [...]

“FinCEN” – A new agency watches Americans

Are we being watched through our financial transactions? Thanks to the establishment of FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of Vienna, Virginia, Big Brother now has all the tools he needs to keep a watchful eye on millions of Americans through their banking habits. FinCEN was [...]
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