Paper Money

How about a Gold Standard?

Is it any surprise that a gold standard is being proposed when most Americans don’t have any? History anyone? 112 years ago Mr. McKinley was nominated upon a platform that declared for the maintenance of the gold standard. Mr. McKinley was the most popular man among the Republicans. If they dare [...]

Americans Should Be First

2007 – Q2 Americans Should Be First  Current financial events are highly significant to the savings of most Americans. In a previous article, entitled "We Are All Shareholders," I made the case that by holding dollar based accounts we were acting as defacto shareholders of the [...]

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

After the Village of Ben Tre in Vietnam was virtually destroyed, an American Major speaking with the journalist and legendary Gulf War reporter Peter Arnett, said, “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.” It was in 1976, the American Bicentennial, when I reached an era of [...]

The Truth About Money

The Truth About Money When you look closely at the money in your wallet or purse, you will notice, at the top of each bill, the words “Federal Reserve Note”. What is the Federal Reserve? Most Americans cannot answer that question. This is quite understandable, as the folks at the Federal [...]

Whats the Difference?

Federal Reserve Note This note represents debt of the Federal Reserve Banks. Like other banks, they are not owned by the government. They buy these notes from the Treasury for about 4¢ and use them at face value, keeping the profits for “operations” and returning leftovers to the [...]

Professor Hegel and Deflation

  Professor Gregory Hegel elucidated a well accepted principle that has come to be known as the Hegelian Dialectic. To achieve a desired unpopular result or policy, one must first create or highlight a useful problem, along with appropriate public agitation against this problem. This is the [...]

The C.P.I and other fairy tales!

It's a classic case of Orwellian- Style "double think". Inflation is dead – Long live Inflation!! Haven't we heard enough of this inane, non-sensical talk? Why, no less an authority on the "real world" than Harvard professor and former Secretary of Labor, Robert [...]