How does the Fed make money for its owners?

It’s not as most people think. The interest the Fed makes on its bond holdings in miniscule compared to the money it can generate from its many unreported activities. Their biggest profits are all indirect and “off the books”. Take the Mexican bail-out, where Mexico was getting [...]

Is FinCEN watching you ?

Are we being watched through our financial transactions? Thanks to the establishment of FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of Vienna, Virginia, Big Brother now has all the tools he needs to keep a watchful eye on millions of Americans through their banking habits. FinCEN was [...]

Manhattan to go “Cashless”

Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Visa and Mastercard will team this fall to issue 50,000 “chip-based” stored value smart money cards to their customers for use in 500 retail locations throughout [...]

What are the Dangers in a World Without Cash?

Are we witnessing the end of money? “Yes,” replies currency expert Andrew Gause. “And we should be scared as hell.” Gause, who has been tracking our trend to a cashless society for the past 10 years, predicts that by the year 2000, 99.5 per cent of all financial transactions [...]

X-ray gun detects cash in your pocket

A  device developed to detect concealed weapons from a distance has the capability to spot packets of cash a concealed weapon, drugs or bundles of cash. A police officer can surreptitiously aim it into a crowd from as far away as 90 feet. . The Passive Millimeter Wave Imager can Xray through [...]

Will Mid-East counterfeits destabilize the Dollar?

In what one former Treasury official has declared to be an act of economic terrorism against the United States, super-high quality counterfeit 100 dollar-bills called “Supernotes” have begun to flood both into the United States and into other nations where the US dollar circulates as the local [...]

Cyber-theft costs banks billions

Financial institutions are, understandably, very tight-lipped about breaches of their security and cash management systems. When Russian hacker Vladimir Levin discovered a way to electronically siphon off more than ten million dollars from Citibank of New York, via computer from his home office in [...]

Executive Order 13011 – The camel’s nose under the tent

When I was a child I was told the fable about the nomadic trader in the desert who pitched his tent to avoid the midday heat. The camel, of course, was left outside in the broiling sun. A while later the camel gasped, “It is so hot out here. Could I just stick my nose under the tent to keep [...]
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