International Money

Et Tu Japan?

Once having an almost insatiable appetite for U.S. Dollars, Japanese banks could be counted on to absorb ever growing quantities of U.S. Debt. Collectively they have held one of the world’s largest hoards of U.S. Treasury bonds. In a turnabout that has shocked many in the financial community, [...]

Saddams Revenge

A Middle East plan, to dump Dollars for Euros, authored by Saddam Hussein, could devastate the US economy. After defeating the ruthless dictator, the US may be faced with a far more threatening opponent in the Middle East: the Euro. Currently, just about every nation on earth uses US Dollars to [...]

The Petroeuro Trade Threatens the Dollar

Oil trading, from Australia to Zambia, operates through the US Dollar. This oil for Dollars foundation has $3 trillion in storage and circulation around the world. Until a few years ago, everything was working smoothly. In a speech to a Spanish Finance conference, Javad Yarjani, a senior Iranian [...]

Famous last words: “It will never be used against us.”

The European Union has asked the WTO for permission to retaliate against the United States with 100 percent taxes on U.S goods worth at least $4 billion a year. The E.U. is upset at the Foreign Sales Corporation structure which gives corporate giants like Boeing and Microsoft, among others, the [...]

Just another $41.5 billion…

Just another $41.5 Billion… Well it’s official. The I.M.F has structured a $41.5 billion international bailout, designed to protect Brazil’s currency. The U.S. share is $18 billion ($600 is your share!) What a waste of time and money, and do you know what is going to happen? The [...]

The International Monetary Fund

The IMF is best known to the public as the agency that sent billions of dollars into the financial system during the debt crisis of the 80s and for the huge amounts given to Mexico and Russia during the 90s. During 1983 and 1984 the IMF lent $28 billion to countries having difficulty meeting their [...]


The “Euro” is the new name of the single currency of the European Community. The EURO is defined in terms of pieces of European currencies, making it a composite currency in origination. Since its creation it has been known as the ECU and has become a currency of denomination for [...]


In 1999, when the Euro comes into existence, for the first time since World War II nations of the world will have a place to go if they want to get out of dollars. The single Euro currency will replace 14 others, lessening foreign exchange reserve requirements of the respective European central [...]

Will Mid-East counterfeits destabilize the Dollar?

In what one former Treasury official has declared to be an act of economic terrorism against the United States, super-high quality counterfeit 100 dollar-bills called “Supernotes” have begun to flood both into the United States and into other nations where the US dollar circulates as the local [...]
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