The Trail of Tears Continues

Although the Trail of Tears is not well known to most Americans, it portrays the plight of Native Americans in dealing with the U.S. Government. The so called Indian wars were responsible for the forced relocation of Indian tribes into Western territories. They were given thirty million acres of [...]

Bail, Bail, Bail, Let No One Fail!

Many colleagues have commented on the current and past financial conditions. The opinions that I value are, to a voice, convinced that the system needs fixing. Even some of those who have not procured my highest esteem, are presenting very cogent criticisms concerning the condition of this [...]


Bailouts have become a way of life. Noted here are just a few of the most visible prop jobs. The Transportation Department is lending Amtrak $100 million now, and at least another $100 million to preserve service until Oct. 1, 2002. The Railroad lost $1.1 billion last year and banks have refused [...]

Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble

The secretive Council on Foreign Relations is at the heart of many a conspiracy theory. Yes, this organization is real. It is, however, private in nature and rarely shares its secrets with mere mortals such as you and I. The CFR was founded in 1921. It dictates a considerable part of the policy of [...]

Crude at $30 Again on Supply Concerns

Crude at $30 Again on Supply Concerns. Crude oil prices are heading back towards the $30 a barrel range on concerns about shrinking supplies as driving season nears. Other energy products also jumped higher. Oil spurted sharply higher as the market bulls bought up oil contracts aggressively in the [...]

The Ultimate 70’s Retrograde

Bellbottoms, shag carpet, and platform shoes, are all making a comeback. While many may sing their praises, the 70s were not exclusively Saturday night fever. In fact some areas don’t deserve a revisit. Yet here we are. Oil prices and Real Estate are skyrocketing. The money supply has been [...]
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