Gold, The Yen And U.S. Bonds

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basle, Switzerland is the Central Bank's central bank. It is the outfit John Kennedy referred to as the “Gnomes of Zurich”. Among its members are the central banks of the world, the G-7, such as the Bank of England, the Bundesbank, the [...]

The IRA Bill for Certified Coins

  105th CONGRESS 2d Session S. 1980 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow certain coins to be acquired by individual retirement accounts and other individually directed pension plan accounts. _________________________________________________________ April 23, 1998 IN THE SENATE [...]

Facsimile of Executive Order April 5 1933

Facsimilie of Executive order April 5, 1933 (emphasis added) UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT all persons are required to deliver ON OR BEFORE MAY 1, 1933 all GOLD COIN, GOLD BULLION, AND GOLD CERTIFICATES now owned by them to a Federal Reserve Bank, branch or agency, or to any member bank of [...]

The Legendary 1933 $20.00 Gold Coin

NEVER say NEVER I guess the tone was set long before July 30, 2002, when Sotheby’s Auction House in New York City, auctioned the world famous 1933 $20,that the Government had seized from a British coin dealer. When David Redden, vice chairman of Sotheby’s, announced to the crowded room [...]

Why Gold?

Supply – In recent years, demand has been met by significant central bank and producer forward selling. These sources of gold should decline soon. The reasons are: A. Producers, on average, have now sold forward about 3 years of production – this is unprecidented. We don't think [...]

The Money War Has Begun!

In the West, there are generations of people that do not understand gold from a monetary perspective. In Eastern nations however, a majority of the population recognizes that precious metals are the only real money. Debt based monies, such as dollars, are merely a promise to pay. The growing [...]


According to recently filed court documents, millions of ounces of gold have been removed from central bank vaults and physically sold into the spot market, driving down the spot price and yielding billions in proceeds. In 1983, a small company with a single mine and some interesting political [...]

Gold Shortages?

Gold Shortages? Gold producers have sold forward about 3 years of production – this is unheard of. It means that they have sold all of the gold they can mine for three years, at today's prices. It is doubtful that they will sell forward any more. Instead, it seems more likely that they [...]

Giving Away Gold The myth of central bank sales

Supply from newly mined gold production has increased over 10 years by 35.3% from 1,733 tons to 2,346 tons and last year, while demand for gold for jewelry has moved more than 110% from 1,334 tons to 2,807 tons last year. That seems simple enough, Supply 2,346 tons, Demand 2,807 tons. I went to [...]