Federal Reserve


Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has given a clear indication of how he intends to proceed with monetary policy in the event that economic indicators fail to suggest that a recovery is under way. He has conveyed the impression that the Federal Reserve will take whatever steps are necessary [...]

Audit The FED

By now you may have heard about Congressman (R-Texas 14th district) Ron Paul’s bill H.R.1207 to audit the Federal Reserve System. Until now many in the mainstream have never considered the Fed as an institution exempt from audit. However, by law, the Fed is completely independent. The President, [...]


Much has been made of the Federal Reserve’s plans to inject fresh liquidity into the financial markets. Even I must concede that the scope of the infusion, or the price, is greater than imagined. None the less, it was equally predictable. The choices available were limited to either a 1929 style [...]

Bernanke’s Quandry

At the end of 2006, housing prices in most areas of the United States were hitting their crest. As long as prices were rising, things chugged along very nicely. The beginning of the end was heralded when the Fed moved to raise interest rates. As rates increased, buyers began to decrease in numbers. [...]

Plunge Protection Team

Those who share the “crash” mentality have often derided the notion of sustainability in this fiat, or unbacked monetary system. They insist that both doom and gloom are imminent. They cite the fact that every experiment with fiat money has failed and that empires crumbled in each instance. I [...]

Just Give Them The Mint Already

H.R.5818 the Currency Overhaul for an Industrious Nation (COIN) Act, authorizes the TRANSFER OF THE UNITED STATES MINT AND BUREAU OF ENGRAVING AND PRINTING TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. I kid you not readers, this act instructs the Secretary of the Treasury to “arrange for the accounting for, and [...]

The World’s Financier

Our 1996 book, “The Secret World of Money”, pointed out that the Federal Reserve Banks are a privately owned cartel. These banks are solely responsible for the issuance of dollars worldwide. The lead bank in this system is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Goldman Sachs is named as [...]

Districts of the Federal Reserve

There are twelve Federal Reserve Banks, one in each of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts    1st District–Boston 2nd District–New York 3rd District–Philadelphia 4th District–Cleveland 5th District–Richmond 6th District–Atlanta 7th [...]

Banks of the Federal Reserve

Top 16 Bank Holding Companies Rank   Name  City State  1  Citigroup Inc.  New York  NY  2  J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.  New York  NY  3  Bank of America Corporation  Charlotte  NC  4  Wachovia Corporation [...]
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