Time For A Showdown

The U.S debt ceiling has been raised to 6.4 trillion. This amount is projected to be reached in early February 2003. A showdown is looming. When a 500 billion debt ceiling increase only lasts 3 months something has to give. The three major “trust” funds (Civil Service fund, G-Fund, and [...]

Head For The Exits!

Everybody is hitting the doors at once. In case you haven’t noticed, major money jumped ship in July. The chart at the right represents the flow of money into U.S. equity funds. They have been keeping these statistics for 50 some years. Never before has the chart reflected such numbers. The [...]

COOKING THE BOOKS? Noone does it better than Uncle Sam!

It's 'Business as Usual' when leaders project surpluses, then borrow one-half trillion dollars just to postpone bankruptcy. The accounting practices at the nation's biggest US companies may be fraudulent, but their most creative accounting techniques can't hope to rival the [...]

New Records for Money Supply and Debt 3rd Q 2002

08/20/2002 Total Gov’t Debt   $6,210,481,675,956.26 08/25/2002 Money Supply(L) $8,310,610,201,151.00 The dilution continues unabated in the money supply, even the FRBNY is reporting 8% yearly growth. Are you earning 8%, after tax? We have already used up half of the new debt [...]

New Records for Money Supply and Debt 2nd Q 2002

05/20/2002 Total Gov’t Debt $6,006,031,606,265.38 05/25/2002 Money Supply(L)$8,160,610,201,151.00 Hey, what happened to the debt limit? I thought it was $5.9 trillion. Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter, we will just raise it! Another record on money supply, too. Last quarter, we broke [...]

New records for Money Supply and Debt 1st Q 2002

02/20/2002 Total Gov’t Debt    $5,997,270,977,826.37 02/25/2002 Money Supply(L)  $8,080,161,202,151.00 Looks like it’s time to raise the debt ceiling again. This is getting to be a habit. Another record on both of these figures. First time over 8 trillion on the money [...]

A Tax System for a Borderless World

In September 2000, the gathering of the United Nations General Assembly concluded on an historic note, with the adoption of the Millennium Declaration. Recommended by this Declaration, governments are to work to free the world of extreme poverty. …to reduce extreme poverty and access to safe [...]

Insurance companies feel the pinch

Depending on your carrier, you may see a major increase in your insurance premiums. Listed at right are the biggest losses as a result of the attacks. Many of the re-insurance companies like Munich Re and Swiss Re, provide a way for smaller companies to “lay-off” their risk. With these [...]

New records for Money Supply and Debt 4th Q 2001

12/02/2001 Total Gov’t Debt $5,943,438,563,436.13 12/01/2001 Money Supply $7,961,000,000,000.00 Watch these numbers. Our debt ceiling is 5.9 trillion and we’re bumping against it. As for the money supply figures, we will exceed 8 trillion by January 25th, by my calculations. Of course, [...]

New records for Money Supply and Debt 3rd q 2001

09/02/2001 Total Gov’t Debt $5,803,751,789,864.65 09/01/2001 Money Supply    $7,835,233,203,005.00 Wow, money supply really exploded this quarter. 10 trillion is not that far off. This is the 15th straight increase on both of these figures. $425,000,000,000 more money in [...]
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