1936 York Half Dollar

1936 York Half Dollar Mintage 25,015 Many states have never been showcased on U.S. commemorative coinage Maine, by contrast, got such recognition not just once but twice. The entire state was honored in 1920, when the Maine half dollar marked the centennial of its statehood. Then, in 1936, a second [...]

1936 Wisconsin Centennial Half Dollar

1936 Wisconsin Centennial Half Dollar Mintage 25,015 Struck to commemorate and finance the celebration of Wisconsin’s 100th year since establishment as a territory in 1836, the "4th day of July…" is the day Henry Dodge became Territorial Governor. A strong feature of this coin [...]

1952 Washington – Carver Half Dollar

1952 Washington – Carver Half Dollar  Mintage 2,422,392 By 1951 a clamor was rising from Congress and collectors alike to halt further production of Booker T. Washington half dollars. But the sponsors of the projects being funded by sales of these coins were reluctant to give up this [...]

19** Booker T Washington Half Dollar

19** Booker T Washington Half Dollar Mintage 3,091,205 Only three new U. S commemorative coins appeared during the period following World War II, and two of these were tributes to black Americans. The first was the Booker T Washington half dollar, authorized by Congress in 1946 to perpetuate The [...]

1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar

1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar  Mintage 28,142 The Vermont half dollar of 1927 was issued to commemorate the sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary of Vermont. Charles Keck was the designer. Vermont was not among the 13 original states. It was claimed by both New Hampshire and New [...]

1925 Vancouver Half Dollar

1925 Vancouver Half Dollar  Mintage 14,994  In 1925 the City of Vancouver, Washington, celebrated its centennial-or, more precisely the centennial of the founding of Fort Vancouver, the stockade settlement that developed into the city. To mark the occasion, the Fort Vancouver Centennial [...]

1934-38 Texas Centennial Half Dollar

1934-38 Texas Centennial Half Dollar Mintage 149,611 The Texas half dollar Is one of the most popular U.S coins. Franklin D. Roosevelt, took office on March 5, 1933, and approved the issuance of the Texas half to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Texas’ independence. The Mint produced it [...]

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar  Mintage 1,314,709 The U.S. Civil War was six decades removed, yet a residue of regional hostility remained. Thus, it seems surprising that Congress gave its blessing to the Stone Mountain half dollar, a coin issued to help finance the construction of a [...]

1935 Spanish Trail Half Dollar

1935 Spanish Trail Half Dollar  Mintage 10,008 Unlike the Oregon Trail, the Old Spanish Trail wasn’t a major key to the opening of the West and the ultimate fulfillment of America’s "manifest destiny" The route it followed-from St Augustine, Fla., to El Paso, Tex. -was [...]

1926 Sesquicentennial Half Dollar

1926 Sesquicentennial Half Dollar Mintage 141,120 When collectors refer to the ‘Sesquicentennial’ or ‘Sesqui’ half dollar, they’re almost surely speaking of the 1926 coin issued for the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the document that heralded [...]
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