“There is nothing for me to do”

“There is nothing for me to do” Here we are, summer at last and the kids are already bored. If you want to have them exposed to a hobby that teaches history, encourages habits of perseverance, thrift and instills a perception of value then maybe you should closely consider numismatics. [...]

The summer sizzles?

The summer sizzles?  The American economy is now experiencing an unprecedented period of debt-fueled growth which started during the Reagan years and although it was interrupted mildly by the recession of 1990-1993 , has continued unfazed for 17 years. This tremendous monetary growth has [...]

Bona Fide Rarities Rule!!!

Bona Fide Rarities Rule!!! For the past several years the primary characteristics of the successful coin investment have been rarity and quality. The maxim is that one should always acquire the rarest and best quality pieces that they can locate. 1999 has not yet revealed an exception to this rule. [...]

1997 Ends With Rare Opportunity in US Coin Market

1997 Ends With Rare Opportunity in US Coin Market Analysts and dealers are predicting that precious metals may be set for a run as the year closes – creating unique buying opportunities in the precious metals market and in the rare US coin market. Silver prices were last above $6 dollars an [...]

Eliasberg sale sizzles

What a combination! A room full of anxious buyers with plenty of money and one of the finest coin collections ever assembled is all it took to send sparks flying and prices soaring! For those of you new to the numismatic scene, the Eliasberg Collection, sold last month in New York City, represented [...]
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