1936 Cleveland Half Dollar

1936 Cleveland Half Dollar Mintage 50,030  The Cleveland, Ohio, half dollar of 1936 is one of the numerous U.S, commemorative coins linked to an exposition. In this case, the occasion was the Great lakes Exposition-which, in turn, marked the centennial of Cleveland’s incorporation as a [...]

1936 Cincinnati Half Dollar

1936 Cincinnati Half Dollar Mintage 15,016 The 1936 Cincinnati half dollar is coveted by collectors because of its low mintage: It was struck at three different mints, and each mint produced only 5,000 pieces. At the same time, it’s also an extremely curious coin because it seems to have an [...]

1925 California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar

1925 California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar Mintage: 86,394  In 1925, California encountered its diamond jubilee as a State in the Union. It was California’s gold rush of 1849 that assured its statehood in 1850. On the occasion of this 75th anniversary of its admission Congress [...]

1936 Bridgeport Centennial

1936 Bridgeport Centennial Half Dollar  Mintage 25,015 Congress authorized 25,000 examples of the Bridgeport half dollar in 1936. It features the showman, Phineas Taylor or "PT" Barnum. He gained this honor because of his service to the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He was at one [...]

1934-38 The Boone Half Dollar

Mintage  87,187 The Daniel Boone half dollar was authorized in 1934 for the 200th anniversary of the birth of the American hero. Among other deeds In 1775 he led an expedition that blazed the Wilderness Road through Cumberand Gap, paving the way for the founding of Boonesboro, the first white [...]

1936 Bay Bridge Half Dollar

Mintage 71,424 Congress authorized the 1936 Bay Bridge to commemorate the opening of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, an 8 1/4 mile span on San Francisco Bay. The bridge was opened in 1936 and cost nearly $80 million.The more famous Golden Gate Bridge never received a similar tribute. San [...]

1935-39 Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar

Mintage: 85,301 In 1936 Congress authorized a special half dollar to mark the Arkansas centennial. The U.S. Mint produced it at all three mints from 1935 through 1939. A complete set would include 15 different coins. Only one coin,the 1935-P,has a net mintage of more than 10,000. Many are well [...]

1936 Albany Half Dollar

Mintage 17,671  In 1936 Albany city officials prevailed upon Congress to issue a half dollar to mark the 250th anniversary of the granting of its city charter. The obverse of the coin shows a beaver chewing a maple branch. The beaver is on Albany’s city seal and the maple is New [...]

Alabama Centennial

Value $85-3450 Authorized in 1920 for the 100th anniversary. Late in 1921, however, about 6,000 were made with the figures "2×2" stamped on the obverse, an emblem from the state flag signifying Alabama’s admission as 22nd state in the Union. This "2×2" variety is [...]

Why are coins graded?

Why are coins graded? The value of a coin is determined by its rarity and its condition. Of these factors, rarity has always been the most easily understood. For years, however, the condition of a coin was more arbitrarily assigned. Dealers and collectors would label it with such imprecise terms as [...]
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