Continuing Gold Coin Shortage

Production of United States Mint American Eagle Gold Coins has been suspended because of unprecedented demand. Currently, all available 22-karat gold blanks are being allocated to the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Program, as the United States Mint is required by Public Law 99-185 to produce [...]

Legal Tender?

Many people believe that any United States currency is legal tender for all debts. As we have moved headlong into a cashless economy, many businesses and some governmental agencies have adopted policies declaring that they will no longer accept cash as a payment. They will only accept checks, money [...]

IN GOD WE TRUST – History Of The Coins Motto

The motto IN GOD WE TRUST was placed on United States coins largely because of the carnage experienced during the Civil War. They say there are no atheists in a foxhole and certainly faith in God was at a premium following this conflict. Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase received countless [...]

New World Record: $7.85 Million

A rare 1794 U.S. Silver Dollar has set a record price at $7.85 million. It is the finest known 1794 dollar and is widely believed to be the first silver dollar ever struck at the United States Mint. The buyer was an institution, the nonprofit Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation in Sunnyvale, [...]

The Nanny State

We have become a nation of gatekeepers. In the name of peace and safety our government is under the assumption that we are a herd of errant sheep, unable to think for ourselves. Like children, we require constant babysitting. They tell us it is for our own protection and the ‘greater [...]

For What it is Worth – Take the Time

Recent news coverage has focused a great deal on the value of real estate. Valuations, it appears, were falling. Select areas, however, were still showing growth, while others still were selling “under the right circumstances”. This caused me to consider the similarities to our dear old coin [...]

Reaching New Heights

The coin market continues its blistering pace as fresh investment money seems to be flooding into all areas of the collectables market. Recent mergers within the industry have resulted in the formation of several new hedge fund type vehicles which will presumably acquire market positions and take [...]

State Quarters (Release Dates)

With the issuance of the Delaware Quarter, the U.S. Mint is embarking on a series of 50 commemorative Quarters. A series of 5 Quarters with new reverses will be produced each year through 2008. These coins will celebrate each of the 50 States, and will be issued in the order that the States became [...]

Denominating Your Wealth in U.S. Coins

The reason for buying coins are clear: inflation, compounded returns, and privacy. It is in your best interests, however, to engage in some research so that you can make intelligent purchase decisions and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. consider the following when you examine the coin market. WHY [...]
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