Total Recall body scanner becomes reality

Replete with a privacy algorithm to hide “the important [body] parts,” no not your brain, the vice president of operations of SafeView, Karen Meyer, gave me the rundown on the Scout 100 and Scout 360 people scanners. This baby is much closer to the scanner in the Arnold Schwarzenegger [...]


Treasury’s TARP “Two Year Retrospective” (“Retrospective” ) published earlier in 2010 describes an agreement with American Insurance Group (AIG) as leaving “taxpayers in a considerably stronger position to recoup their investment in the company.” The plan calls for providing AIG up [...]

What is the “crowding-out” effect?

When you go into the economy and you issue a bond to build a railroad which will cost one-third of all of the money in existence, you’re pretty much going to put a stop to the rest of human enterprise. Until that railroad is built, and that money has worked its way back into the system, there [...]

The Pain Settles

 Coming into 2010, the general level of civic unrest in the U.S. was one of the most visceral topics from coast to coast. If one finds themselves unemployed, the tendency leans toward complaint. The unemployment rate in the United States, as dubiously measured by the United States Department of [...]


U.S. consumers appeared to have resumed their free spending habits. Surprised analysts expected flat to negative consumer spending growth in August. However, the figures released by the United States Commerce Department reveal that the consumer spent far more than analysts expected. The department [...]
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