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Medical Records TechnologyWhenever you apply for health, life, long term care or disability insurance, you provide certain medical information within your application to the insurance company. Generally, an agent will require that you sign a waiver agreeing to the gathering and use of this information. Did you know however, that you give permission to release your medical information to other interested parties? The information about you will most likely be sent to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), which is a little known national information clearing house created by the insurance companies that will share information. This Medical Information Bureau shares and maintains data on hundreds of millions of Americans. Mistakes can and do occur. Any false negative information could have an impact on your ability to procure some coverages. For example, life insurance companies may determine your rates by routinely accessing your medical profile. If you are contemplating the purchase of any kind of insurance, you should obtain and review your personal medical report and then ascertain that it contains accurate information. There are all kinds of personal data contained in your medical report. Firstly, it contains basic information such as your height, weight, and physical characteristics. Also shown are the latest test results like blood pressure, EKG, blood tests, disease screenings, etc. Xrays, CAT scans and other similar documentation is also included. Other more interesting tidbits might include a poor driving record or your propensity for skydiving and rock climbing. It is also a matter of record which agencies or organizations that have recently requested a copy of your record. But the silver lining to this dark cloud is that you have a right to view any files kept on you.. If you want to get a copy of your report, you can write to receive an official request and release form.

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Expect to pay a small fee.

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