Smile for the camera

The National Park Service wants to use high-tech cameras to snap pictures of the rear license plates of speeding vehicles. Included would be roads that link the capital with bordering Maryland and Virginia. 26379012.thm.jpg

This is one more step toward the establishment of a surveillance standard. The use of such photo ticketing would be a first for the National Park Service. They are laying, what I view as, the infrastructure for a police state.

As a defense it would allow the owner of a vehicle to deny they were driving at the time of the offense, in which case the citation would presumably be dismissed. The larger issue, in my view, is the presumption of guilt, a reversal of the presumption of innocence in U.S. courts.

The whole spy camera proposal was instituted in the 11th hour of Bill Clinton’s administration. It was quickly published as a rule in the federal register in September of last year.


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