Biometric Babylon

biometricThe desire to track the movement of human subjects has entered full swing and a variety of methods are being deployed. For a great many years solemn preachers and teachers amongst us have warned of a time “when no man could buy or sell” without the “mark of the beast”. A barcode on the hand or forehead would be the method to watch out for. There are those among us who need nothing more than to know that the Book of Revelation of the King James Version Bible contain these words. It is these truest and purest believers whom I will attempt to enlighten with the following words. Do not wait for someone to invade your body with a chip or some other label or mark. Such an intrusion would surely be met with the vigorous resistance it deserves. However a great many believers are being lulled into a sense of false security. The real “mark” comes in the form of the Biometrics of the human anatomy. We all have unique ear patterns for instance. Scanned into a database, this information can be matched with gait recognition, the unique way each of us walks. Further, retina scans involve reading the complicated eye patterns of individuals. This information can also be cross compiled with other know identifiers. Fingerprint identification properties have been known for most of the last century, while voiceprints offer a relatively new way to identify people. The factor that ties these all together is the advent of computer power. Rather than scour cards or pictures for a match, today’s researcher can sift through limitless data to find a match in mere seconds. A persons’ identity will be determined by computers who know more about us than our own mothers. Mother may I ?

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