The Eliasberg Collection

What a combination! A room full of anxious buyers with plenty of money and one of the finest coin collections ever assembled, that isThe_Eliasberg_Collection.jpg

Ranging from the lowly 1/2 cent right through the $50 Panama Pacific, Mr Eliasberg finished what no one ever had . A complete collection of every U.S.coin ever made . The gold portion was sold in 1982, with the 1870-S $3.00 bringing $687,000 ! Now if you think that is a lot, check out the numbers at left and consider that the purchaser of the $3.00 has turned down $1,500,000 for the coin. ( and now the offer is $1,875,000! )

Other coins brought similar prices, and if this sale is any indicator, the bull market in rare coins has begun!

An eye popping $43,890,000 was the final hammer price for this astonishing collection! When you consider that Flowers, the famous painting by van Gogh, sold for $55 million, this seems cheap for the best coin collection ever assembled. More highlights include; 1885 Trade dollar $907,000 1895-O Morgan dollar $253,000 Check your “Red books”. these numbers are out of sight. If this all it took to send sparks flying and prices soaring . For those of you new to the numismatic scene, the Eliasberg Collection, sold recently in New York City, represented the most extensive assortment of United States coins ever acquired by one man.

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