The Nanny State

American Spy ListeningWe have become a nation of gatekeepers. In the name of peace and safety our government is under the assumption that we are a herd of errant sheep, unable to think for ourselves. Like children, we require constant babysitting. They tell us it is for our own protection and the ‘greater good’.  In the process they have created the good ship “Nanny State”.

The ship needs a powerful captain who can wield a diverse set of universal rules: he manifests in those that enforce the controls in the form of seat belt check points, DUI stops, as well as all variety of financial reporting. The Nanny State panders to the paranoid and worried. In the wake of 9/11, liberties once taken for granted no longer exist. We must submit and produce our papers on demand. No one is above circumstantial suspicion. The most innocent of tasks such as internet research can be construed as threatening – justifying warrants, tapping of phones, email snooping.

Citizens are willing to sacrifice almost anything, except for electronics and beer, in the name of peace and security. The frightened and blasé public will blindly follow – as long as no one takes away their televisions. In George Orwell’s classic novella, Animal Farm, the characters are animals that scheme to overthrow the politically corrupt elitist government. This storyline tracks in parallel to the current United States. We are deeply immersed in the smoldering cauldron of vice and graft known as the Federal Reserve System; a virus that has spread its strangling influence from town to town across the country, and around the world. This, however, is not the focus of the Nanny State.

We should not even be permitting ourselves to reflect on such problems – as we are to be presumed incapable of higher order thoughts. The solution for the baby sitter is a mass pacifier to distract the general public – the Next Big Thing.  “Eat, drink, and be merry,” as our precious rights are quickly forgotten with a pint of draft and this once great Republic marches squarely into the sands of time.

It is the 13th hour and the ‘join or die’ mentality results in the isolation and easy identification of any wayward sheep.  The word “responsibility,” the ability to respond, is an alien concept that is replaced with a smothering protection and over-correction.  The Nanny truly wears an “Iron Heel”, all the while parading as the benevolent protector, friendly and ever so politically correct.  However, that the Nanny will find a way to put a positive spin on taxation without representation and civil rights violations are further sign posts on our present road to slavery.

The writing is on the wall; privacy in America is gone.

During the gold run-up of the 1975-1985 stagflation period, one could protect a portion of their wealth via the accumulation of simple gold bullion. These could be purchased in the form of Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, and small bars. The purchase and sale of these items was unregulated and unreported.

In the Nanny State: gold ownership is no longer to be a private affair. Reports must follow the sale of all gold bullion. What is one to do?  Head for the Constitution – U.S. issued gold and silver coins are the last bastion of financial privacy in America.

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